Steve Sharon

A Commissioner of Public Lands Who Cares

I will enact the largest salmon recovery effort on earth.

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"I'm the only candidate concerned about 5G radiation, chemtrails and GMO's."

Steve Sharon

Is Radiation Killing the Honey Bee?

5g radiation from cell phone towers may very well be exposing you to harmful medical effects as well as changing the ecosystem's natural ability to promote a livable planet for us.  Chemtrails are polluting your body, the air, the water, and agriculture.  This will end if I'm elected.

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Learn more about the effects of 5G radiation

5G Cell phone tower radiation is often 10x more powerful than what is considered safe!  As commissioner I will not allow this to happen.  This reckless acceptance of corporate power strikes at the core of what is wrong with our current administration.  The land belongs to the people.  We have the right to limit it's abuse.

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